Complete Home Inspection Services


Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspection

Examine the condition of that new house or condo you are planning to buy.  Are their any hidden (and expensive) problems that may spring on you when you least expect it?  We can help you.

Seller's Pre-Listing Inspection

Find and fix problems on your own terms and schedule, without having to be at the mercy of over-priced contractors or rush to meet a contract deadline.  Price your property with confidence and ensure a smooth sale.

12 Month Warranty Inspection

Is it getting near the end of your new home's 12 month builder's warranty?  Why not have an expert on your side?  Ask for warranty repairs with a state defined, legal report in your hand and there won't be any excuses.

Renter's Security Deposit Inspection

Finally settle the question of what the condition of a rental property is in before and after a lease period.  Obtain an expert and legally binding report.  No more arguing about who is responsible for damage.

Commercial Inspection Determine what needs to be done before you lease or purchase to expand your business, or let me help you determine what you need to do to get your property on the market.
Construction Draw Verify your builder's work prior to authorizing payment for work accomplished.  
Continuing Free Phone Consultation Each Inspection includes free phone consultation about any issue of your home.